At last, I finally got something onto my new website – not once, but twice; I now have to work out how to remove the second copy.I’m going to touch on a very tetchy subject, one that appears to have divided the world into two camps, each one at war with the other; I am of course referring to the Corona virus and the “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” debate.

Having Trypanophobia, (an almost pathological fear of needles) I am unvaccinated; this is probably not a wise choice so I will avoid entering any debate on the subject.What I will do however is to get involved in a much more serious debate, one which few people will be aware of – an alternative to vaccination.Around 12 months ago, I came across a piece on YouTube by an eminent US doctor who was espousing the virtues of a drug called Ivermectin.

His medical specialty was the lungs and he explained that he and several equally experienced and qualified doctors had seen remarkable improvements in Corvid patients treated with the drug.That evening I was sat at the bar with Geoff King and told him about the piece giving him details on where to find it.I have to point out that at the time, the Thai Government had only just discovered that the virus came from beer served in a bottle labelled Corona, and subsequently banned sales of all alcohol to be on the safe side – bars are still closed and restaurants are still forbidden to sell alcohol.

Anyway, Geoff went home and tried to log onto the article and surprise, surprise – it had disappeared.Over the next few months, despite almost all mention of the drug disappearing from not just cyber space, but also mainstream media, many governments throughout the world discovered a substantial drop in infections and an equally remarkable improvement rate among patients treated with the drug.“It’s an anti-parasitic animal drug,” the mainstream media scream, failing to mention that virtually every drug used on humans is also used on animals; that’s why we are now experiencing bacterial and viral mutations that are now immune to many antibiotics.SO – is Ivermectin the wonder drug to combat the Corona virus?

I don’t know – what I am sure of though is that big Pharma would never recommend a drug that costs one penny per tablet when they can sell the vaccine for 20 quid a shot.You would think that one of the biggest drug companies, the one that produces billions of Ivermectin tablets per year, would perhaps offer a little encouragement – ah ha, that is until you discover that they are working on a different oral drug to combat the virus – this new drug will not be on sale for one penny a tablet I can assure you.

As for the vaccine – so far so good so make your own choice.If I wasn’t such a tart over needles, on balance I would probably go with the vaccine and keep a supply of Ivermectin in reserve.As it stands at the moment, I would need an injection to put me to sleep before giving me the vaccine injection – if you know what I mean.