At last, I am finally underway with my own website – whuppee.

This of course doesn’t mean that I can dispense with Facebook, as much as I would like to; it simply means that I am no longer controlled by a computer-generated algorithm that has been programmed not to like any views that do not agree with those of a certain Mr Wokey Wonker in California.

Us British are different.

We are not sheep.

Over the years we have voted in some pretty dodgy Prime Ministers, but America – OMG – ????

I’ll leave it there – everyone knows exactly what I mean and poking Mr Wokey Wonker with a stick won’t help.

As this is the first real posting for my new site, I will keep it short as my obviously female/LGBTX computer is at that tender stage of the month where everything that I do is wrong.

Just a modest suggestion to the boffins.

In your quest for Artificial Intelligence (AI) perhaps it would be a good idea to make all androids male.

I currently have no idea how this website thingy works and will be pressing various buttons over the next few days in order to make some sense of it.

I will also be updating the site with a few of the blogs that Mr Wokey Wonker didn’t like on Facebook and he will not be able to do a damned thing about it. (Researches how to do a smiley face).