Before I typed in the first word of this posting, I had to work out how to cross the minefield of eggshells blindfolded whilst wearing pit clogs.

Does that make any sense?

Thought not, so in simple terms, I wanted to communicate my thoughts which may or may not be the same as those of the predatory, ever vigilant cyber algorithm that is employed by ALL the big tech companies to police people like me who refuse to be brainwashed by a well-rehearsed and jealously guarded agenda.

Last week I trod on a well concealed eggshell and the wrath of the gods descended on me – my posting being withdrawn faster than one of my Thai bargirls can relieve you of your lifesavings.

If you have managed to read this far, I have obviously succeeded in avoiding the eggshells, so pleases log onto   and press BLOG to finish the piece.

Last night I bumped into a friend and customer of one of my bars; a fifty- or so-year old chap, extremely fit, (he works out daily) and also an Aussie. (Told you I wasn’t racist)

Steve, his native Aussie name that goes back centuries, had just spent the last two weeks in hospital wearing an oxygen mask with tubes going in and out of every orifice. (His words)

Naturally enough, he had been stricken by Covid, but here is the main reason for the blog – Steve had received both shots of the vaccine several weeks earlier.

At this juncture I have to pause in the story to point out that I am not anti-vaccine and have my reasons for avoiding it thus far, (yes, I’m a tart) but only last week the daily UK papers majored on a story of two non-vaccinated members of the same family dying on the same day.

The implications were obvious but like all modern-day journalism, the article completely lacked any form of balance.

Has no vaccinated person ever died of Corvid? Steve almost did and it was only his extreme fitness that saved his life.

And so onto the main theme of the posting.

Youtube have now decided to TAKE DOWN any video that THEY consider to be spreading misinformation.

Now in principle I am somewhat in agreement with this policy but I also have certain misgivings.

To give you an example of how serious this situation is, 130,000 videos regarding the virus and various treatments have been removed from public consumption, many of them from highly qualified doctors and virologists – the implication being that the Youtube administrators know more about medicine than the professionals do.

By now, you really ought to be seeing where this is taking us – the mainstream media can peddle whatever agenda they wish to without criticism, yet WE the public are jumped on from a great height if we dare to disagree, ie, we are censored, maybe even cancelled, by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

We are NON-PEOPLE with no voice.

We do not matter.

We are unimportant.

Big Tech, Big Pharma, and left-wing press and media now rule our lives and we can do bugger all about it.

Are there any politicians out there with a backbone?

How smart was George Orwell?