Yea, come on Greta, this is what the people of your world want – two young women pulling their father’s plough.

Is that a whip in his right hand?

“Come on you lazy cows, (oxen) put your backs into it.”

Have these idiotic Greenies and Lefties ever thought about asking the farmer if he would like a tractor?

Even that nincompoop Boris is beginning to bow to the claptrap that these idiots are putting out.

Fossil fuels have created the world that we presently live in.

Coal was instrumental in fuelling the Industrial Revolution and helped to make Britain the number one superpower in the world for almost three centuries.

It heated our homes, powered our industries, and created the world’s most dominant Navy.

“Get rid of it.” Greta would say. “Let’s return to the Middle Ages, women just love pulling ploughs and stop worrying about the millions that will starve.”


It’s quite a sobering thought that before coal power, we had windmill power, and where are we heading now? That’s right, back to windmill power, back to an age where the climate governed our lives.

We have conquered climate so how the hell have we put ourselves into a position where if the wind doesn’t blow and Mr Putin decides that he doesn’t like us anymore, we will lose both our electricity and gas and have to go out into the woods to forage for firewood?

Assumed man made climate change has nothing to do with natural climate change.


Maybe then you will see where all this nonsense is leading us.

The amount of CO2 put into the atmosphere by the human race, (a fraction of a fraction of the gasses surrounding the earth) is so minimal that any temperature change would not be measurable by the instrumentation that is currently available.

The cost of measures currently planned will do one thing and one thing only.

They will accelerate the unstoppable power grab of China and make the rest of us ever poorer – nothing else.

Well, there is something else.

All those that are currently riding on the climate change bandwagon will also become exceedingly rich.


But windmill power is for free!

No it isn’t, the components are mined and shipped in from all over the world using fossil fuel.

The prefabricated windmills are manufactured and transported using fossil fuels to a site cleared by fossil fuel powered machinery.

Complete new electricity lines have to be connected to the grid and at the end of a rather short life, the whole assembly, none of which can be recycled, has to be taken down and dumped in a landfill – tens of thousands of them if Boris has his way, while in the meantime, China will continue to commission a new coal fired power station every couple of weeks and close down every manufacturing industry in the Western World because of its cheap source of energy.

I am not against sustainable energy but I most certainly object to paying treble the price that I need to for my electricity because of a lefty agenda based on bogus and extremely dodgy, manipulated science.

Not ONE singly catastrophic prediction made by the “bought and paid for scientists” has ever come remotely true.

There is NO man-made climate crisis; with or without mankind the climate will constantly change as it has always done.

Ever since we left the last ice age 15,000 years ago, the earth has been steadily warming and is not due to enter the next ice age for some 70,000 years. (Milankovitch cycles)

The inter-glacial period that we are now in has been repeated thousands of times throughout the planet’s history and is doing nothing that it hasn’t done a thousand times before.

In future years, people will look back at the present-day nonsense and laugh at the biggest money-making scam ever perpetrated on the people of the planet of the suckers.

Come on girls, pull harder, if we earn enough money this year, we may be able to afford a buffalo to pull the plough next year.