Congratulations to Laurel Hubbard who has just been appointed New Zealand’s women athlete of the year.

I am a great admirer of any sports person who achieves such an accolade, but somehow, something isn’t quite right in my world.

Laurel has a very deep voice and Laurel has the physical shape of a Wigan prop forward.

Laurel also has a pair of goolies.

In reality, the goolies are of little importance as Laurel has decided that she is a woman.

People like Laurel signify the end of women’s athletics.

Only a fool would consider that the physical make up of a woman could ever be on a par with that of a man.

This is not misogyny; this is the real world.

We have gone too far.

There are also mental and psychological differences.

Women have an equal role in life to men but have evolved to perform different functions.

Men make great chefs but cannot cook.

Men can listen but do not know how to interrupt.

Men are always right but never say so.

Men desire sex but hate commitment.

Men fall instantly in love but not just with one woman.

Men can repair washing machines but cannot work them.


So do Jocks, Paddy’s, and Taffy’s.

If the TV channels wish to add commentary to an English football match, why not have a couple of people who speak the Queen’s English, preferably with a Lancashire accent, so that we can understand what they are saying?