Bye gum, it ain’t half hot here in Thailand mum.

Who cares?

I’m all right Jack but how about you guys back in England, how do you think it is going to pan out if you have a really severe Winter?

You ain’t seen nuffin yet; todays gas and electricity prices are only the start of an excruciatingly painful rise in the cost of power.

Don’t be a Silly Billy, the windmills are going to turn and Vlad the Impaler will sell us all the Russian gas that we need.

Yea, right, Vlad and his still functioning Russian communist regime cannot wait to ingratiate themselves with the West; it has taken them near 70 years to get the upper hand and now they have finally got us exactly where they want us.

With the short and curlies.

We are screwed and their bosom buddy allies, the greenies and the lefties are now firmly in the driving seat and well on the way to destroying Western democracy.

Is it not reasonable to have a prime minister that can see farther than the end of his nose?

Stupid boy.

Boris wants to be loved, stuff the coal fired and nuclear power stations; he wants more windmills, he wants to be greener than green.

Bugger the country, millionaires don’t really worry about such mundane things as ordinary people.

Pull the ladder up Jack – I’m all right.

North Sea gas ran out years ago and now we are dependent on Norway, Russia, and shipments of liquified natural gas from the Middle East.

We have closed down most of our coal fired power stations without replacing them with nuclear; instead, we are now relying on imported gas and bloody windmills.


Because every prime minister since Thatcher has worshipped at the halter of left-wing greenie ideology instead of accepting that the world isn’t perfect and policies that only harvest votes will ultimately lead to the disastrous situation that awaits Britain this coming Winter and in years to come.

Vlad and his Russian Mafia now have us by the short and curlies with their control over gas supplies.

France can blackmail us whenever she wishes as we have now become reliant on the electricity generated by her nuclear power stations.

There are times when I think that even the oppressive Chinese system of government has its virtues.

Democracy by its very definition allows itself to be democratically destroyed by democratic vote.

Still, while you are freezing your goolies off in England, my only worry will be that the air-conditioning here in Thailand allows me to keep mine cool.

I hate overheated goolies.