As I now have 11 books published, people often ask how I come up with the idea on which each of the books is based.

Looking back, each one has always had a trigger – an event that sets the mind in motion, and the flash of a story begins to unfold, often when I am in bed too tired to sleep yet mentally capable of visualizing where the trigger event may lead. And more importantly, remembering it the next day.

My first Jihad novel, “The Lost Scriptures” evolved from a disturbing nightmare, while “O’Malley” began life as a result of a slightly inebriated discussion with an ex-SAS soldier.

BUT the novel set below had a rather more painful trigger; one that almost killed me, the culprit still grinning at me from the book cover. (A self inflicted wound of publishing).

As a young un, I was once stung by a wasp whilst collecting grubs for fishing, but never anything like these blessed Asian Hornets can deliver; a light-hearted version of events being described in my book “Tits and Teeth in Thailand”.

The sting is like a red-hot needle being jabbed into your flesh and the agonizing pain is instantaneous.

The cowardly rascals rarely attack individually; an entire aerial battalion swoops and I was injected with 50+ doses of venom within a couple of seconds, 20 of them on my bare bonse, which is no longer lavishly covered by a thatch of luxurious black curly hair. (I was also not wearing the legendary jumper of fishing films so very long ago).

I passed out for a few minutes, perhaps a mild form of anaphylactic shock, an occurrence that has killed countless people.

Anyway, I didn’t die. Hospital!

I thought about the event for a few days as I was recovering, during which time I watched an interesting documentary on the Liger, this being a female tiger crossed with a male lion, the hybrid offspring growing to the size of a small horse as a result of the growth inhibitor gene being de-activated – no one knows why.

Something clicked and I visualised a genetically modified hornet acquiring this ability to continue growing to an unprecedented size.

The Liger Syndrome was born.

As a matter of interest, has anyone ever been unfortunate enough to have been attacked by a battalion sized swarm of bees, wasps or hornets – did you live?

I see you NOW you toerag!
With that hair I bet she could get a bee in her bonnet…