I have just been for a long walk around town, (Pattaya -Thailand) and returned to my apartment with a spring in my step and a couple of pinch marks on my bum.

Being irresistible to Ladyboys does have its downside.

After near two years of lockdowns, curfews, and bans, (even the fishing parks have been closed) life may finally be returning to normal, in fact, I feel it will be far better than normal – the future is beginning to look rosy.

Returnees to the city that never sleeps will barely recognise the place, BUT there is a caveat – the outlying touristy areas are and will almost certainly remain closed, probably for good.

The city has shrunk to possibly a third of its pre-Covid size, yet the remaining third has seen such an influx of investment that even in these still austere times it is positively booming.

In November, the quarantining of arrivals disappears and maybe, just maybe the government will realize that there will be FEW visitors so long as the bars and clubs remain closed and there is still an alcohol ban.

Then again, this is Thailand so who knows? We live in a perpetual, often forlorn hope of the mysterious missing brain cell for once putting in an appearance at government level.

Anyway, back to the city.

I feel that a divide is appearing and the Thai government’s wish to turn parts of Pattaya into a family resort my finally be beginning to bear fruit.

Over the last few years, massive investment has gone into the Beach Road seafront area, a stretch of some two miles, and with the strip of sandy beach having been more than doubled in size, Bangkokian Thais are now arriving in ever increasing numbers, soon to be accompanied by herds of flag following Chinese and Jaywalking Indians.

To be honest, I can think of a thousand better beach venues to holiday all over the world but Thailand itself has much more to offer than salty water and sand.

Now for the important part – the nightlife and the sex scene.

Walking Street has been one of the top attractions of the Orient for many decades, however I feel that it may have had its day.

Being some half a mile long, the busiest street in the world will seriously need to re-invent itself if it wants to survive.

The tourist demographics have changed noticeably over the last few years with thousands of both Chinese and Indians aimlessly walking up and down the street gawping at the semi naked girls yet rarely spending money.

Walking Street lives because of the girls – thousands of them, and if they are not earning money they will disappear overnight and simply congregate where there is money.

This is SOI (Street) BUAKHAO, and over the lockdown period, many Walking Street Agogo bar owners have shut up shop and invested heavily in the soi.

The soi itself has become a microcosm of the entire Thailand sex industry with fabulous restaurants, a couple of dozen Agogo bars, several Gentlemen’s Clubs, and more massage parlours than you can shake a stick at.

Oh yes – nestling serenely in the thick of the action is the Dragon Bar – foresight or luck? – I’ll let you decide.

After a heavy night partying, many Farangs (Westerners) often jumped into a taxi and rounded off the evening’s entertainment with a little sexercise down Soi Six, which as anyone will tell you is the red-light district of a red-light city.

Now, I wonder what the future holds.

Soi Pothole (Chaiapoon) is coming on strong following massive investment, again, by many ex-Walking Street bar owners. The bars have all been updated and the massage parlours look ever so tempting as throngs of sirens beckon with suggestive body movements indicating the delights awaiting behind closed curtains.

Soi Boomerang is now the home of several Gentlemen’s Clubs, and the new Tree Town development across from my bar has bars, restaurants, and even a large swimming pool and bar area.

Lots of beers together with lots of semi naked girls by a swimming pool spells fun and lots of it.

So in summary, as hard as it has been to survive the last two years, and believe me hundreds of entertainment establishments have failed and disappeared, I honestly feel that like the Phoenix, Pattaya will rise from the ashes and emerge fitter, leaner, and stronger than ever before.

The girls will be back in their thousands and normality will resume.

Normality? – Pattaya? – Now that really is stretching it.

Like thousands of like minded gentlemen, I cannot wait for the sex capital of the world to once again burst into life – there is nowhere on earth quite like it.