A couple of nights ago I was sat in the bar, shutters down of course and drinking a non-alcoholic drink, (alcohol contains the Corona virus and is currently banned in Thailand) when a couple of rather delectable young fillies appeared looking for a job.

These girls had recently left their jungle village and were now actively seeking their fortune here in Pattaya.

We got talking, and never wishing to miss a promotional photo opportunity for the bar, the three of us posed for a series of shots; naturally enough that evening I wrote my usual tongue-in-cheek posting for the next day to accompany the photographs.

Fortunately, I was busy for most of the morning so the posting was thankfully delayed.

Early afternoon came the devastating THAI body blow.——-

I arrived back at my apartment around 2ish to be greeted by the news that the entire 60 bar “Made in Thailand” complex was to close and we had till the end of November to clear off.

All electricity, water, and security was to be withdrawn with immediate effect and what we didn’t remove would be confiscated.

To really add insult to injury, my bar, Dragon bar 2, had been closed for 18 months yet we were still forced to pay rent for almost the whole period.

This is Thailand and this is what Thai people do – money is their only god.

Many of the bars are owned by former Thai bar girls who managed to save enough money to buy their own business and to quit the oldest profession.

Does the Government care?

Doubt it, you only have to look at the city streets and see starving people in their thousands queuing for free food handouts.

“Pull the ladder up Jack – I’m fireproof” seems to be the general approach.

Will it affect me?

Not in the least.

I willingly bought both of the bars for my long term and now ex-girlfriend, who being Thai knows everything, far more than Google could ever comprehend, and armed with this unlimited knowledge, despite never having run a business in her life, ignored all the warnings that I gave her from experience accumulated over a lifetime in business.

It was pretty nailed on that having split up my share of the spoils was always going to be rather doubtful as the tenuous documentary details count for pretty much zero in Thai eyes.

This is not a heartbreak story – far from it – I am seriously enjoying life at the moment in the sex capital of the world and an exciting new project awaits just around the corner.

It is however a warning to anyone thinking of either falling in love or investing here in Thailand.

Most Thai girls only ever think of money and only ever play at love – they are wonderful actresses and no matter whatever problem arises, will ALWAYS have the law on their side.

As for the business side of things – it is a minefield and no matter how many lawyers you employ to seemingly validate a contract, the land/building owner only has to sell and you will find yourself up shit creek without either a paddle or a valid contract.

Occasionally, the oriental law of Karma surfaces before your very eyes.

Be warned – behind the smile, here in the land of smiles, lies a smile with a hidden and often dark agenda.

Off now – meeting the two fillies down the beach for a bit of tea and tiffin as Sid James used to say.