As many of the people on this Facebook thread are “Baby Boomers”, have you ever considered what kind of a world we have handed over to our grandkids?

Try to imagine these grandkids in sixty years’ time, so the year is 2080.

I reckon that the world we were brought up in will be a little different and our legacy will be one of three ideologies that will rule the Western world:—

  1. Communism
  2. Islamism
  3. Chinese – ism

As none of these options is particularly appealing, I will explain why and where I think that we have messed up.


Democracies greatest failing is that it allows you the democratic right to vote to democratically self-destruct, and if schoolkids are taught little but a left-wing agenda, followed by an even more extreme form of left-wing indoctrination at university, the result will be the re-writing of history, because all the things that contributed to the wealth of the Western World is now deemed bad.

Statues will be pulled down, policemen (sorry police persons) will wear rainbow-coloured uniforms, and a mentally disturbed Swedish girl will become the new Messiah.


Nothing startling here really, simply a combination of facts, statistics, and history.

The Western Caucasian world has a birth-rate that has fallen well below the replacement level. One point two children does not replace two adults, ultimately resulting in the extinction of that branch of the species; the replacement level of the European Islamic Community is well above three, boosted further by immigration.

The history side (no longer taught in schools because it is racist) will explain what happens once the population figure reaches over 50%.


If the British Empire once covered one third of the world, the Chinese Empire will be far greater; unlike the British, their conquest of the world will be bloodless and will be achieved by wealth.

No Asian country dare stand against this expansion as to do so would spell financial ruin.

It will not stop in Asia – vast tracts of Australian and New Zealand agricultural and mining land is now under Chinese control, and wherever raw materials are available anywhere in the world, the Chinese are buying control.

Of course things in our world may remain the same but I very much doubt it.

None of the above are really of any concern to our elected lords and masters.

The passing of laws that make it an offence to use the wrong pronouns or sexual deviation abbreviations take up far too much of their time.

What do you think the world will look like in 60 years’ time?

Maybe it will happen sooner than we think.