I would like to begin by doing a Max Bygraves and telling you a little story – a true story.

It would be around thirty years ago as I walked along the Shropshire Union canal on the way to my swim on a fishing match that I heard a dog barking in the field on the opposite side of the canal. Out of nowhere, around twenty sheep bolted across the field and hurled themselves into the freezing cold water and promptly drowned, leaving only two standing on the canal banking, apparently trying to come to a decision on whether or not to drown.

The whole scene was witnessed by a dozen or more anglers and it was quite distressing to see so many delicious lamb chops go to waste.

Now this memory only resurfaced this morning as I watched the world news and conjured up parallels with Orwell’s novels 1984, Animal Farm, and what is now happening across Europe regarding the vaccine mandate.

The whole point of this posting is to point out that eighteen sheep blindly followed herd mentality without even thinking of the consequences and willingly accepted their fate; so why did two of them hesitate and survive only to end up as delicious lamb chops on my dinner plate?


And so onto the vaccine mandate.

For a couple of centuries, the accepted medical description of the word VACCINE has been “The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.”

The Corvid vaccine did not meet this criteria and could not be classified as a vaccine.

The solution was simple – change the definition, and so the word IMMUNITY was changed to PROTECTION when the first shots became available and magically Pfizer now had their “vaccine”.

I can honestly say that in my humble opinion, the greatest achievement of mankind has been the creation of vaccines to counter virtually every disease that nature could throw at us.

I was spared the horrors of Smallpox, Polio, TB, and a host of other life-threatening diseases and will be eternally grateful.

These were true vaccines and met the medical description of vaccines – they provided IMMUNITY, and if anything should be mandated, these should be.

The Covid “vaccine” however does not provide IMMUNITY, neither does the Flu “vaccine” – they provide PROTECTION only.

Cue George Orwell.

Does Big Brother have the right to dictate every aspect of our lives or are we still allowed limited freedoms?

If the “vaccine” simply alleviates the symptoms of the virus without producing long lasting immunity – if you can still catch the disease after full inoculation – if you can still pass on the virus to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people – WHY THE MANDATE?

I hate conspiracy theories but when highly qualified doctors and nurses refuse the vaccine yet are gagged from explaining why, the authorities are doing themselves no favours, nor are the press when censoring these views.

Before any form of mandate is implemented, there really ought to be a full and open, uncensored discussion involving world experts and not attention seeking politicians, (see the Glasgow nonsense) otherwise society will inevitably become divided and the riots that we are now witnessing across the globe will intensify and turn increasingly violent.

Am I alone in these views?

Please share and without fear of censorship, let the world know your opinion.